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Fiberfill for Fiber Pen
Fiberfill for Fiber Pen

Fiberfill for Fiber Pen
Fiberfill for Fiber Pen
3.57 EUR
(without VAT)
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Cleanser IPA
Cleanser IPA

Cleanser IPA. All-purpose cleaning product in: electronics, precision mechanics and optics. It ..
Cleanser IPA
2.86 EUR
(without VAT)
Out of stock
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Glass Fiber Brush Pen
Glass Fiber Brush Pen

Glass Fibre Brush Pen. Miniature brush in form of propelling pencil inside which is placed prot..
Glass Fiber Brush Pen
8.21 EUR
(without VAT)
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Compressed Air
Compressed Air

Compressed Air. General purpose - dust remover. High consistent pressure guaranteean even air..
Compressed Air
6.90 EUR
(without VAT)
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KONTAKT 60 Oxide dissolving contact cleaner
KONTAKT 60 Oxide dissolving contact cleaner

KONTAKT 60 , an oxide dissolving contact cleaner, is highly recommended to regenerate corroded, ..
KONTAKT 60 Oxide dissolving contact cleaner
7.62 EUR
(without VAT)
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Cleanser IPA

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